Helping you find HOPE through your breast cancer diagnosis.

Support, Resources, and Coaching Sessions to help you keep fighting!


I know a cancer diagnosis can make people feel like a prisoner on a death sentence.

As a stage 4 breast cancer survivor of 18 years, I use my experience and background in Sports Psychology (MS) and Clinical Psychology (MA) to help everyone who has been impacted by a cancer diagnosis to find hope and never give up!

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“Isabella does a fantastic job educating us about everything we need to know in detail about breast health. Isabella has a beautiful heart inside and out. She is the lucky one who survived what she did. Now she is taking what she has learned and using it to help others in need here with her support and guidance.”


Together, I’ll Help You:

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It is amazing how powerful hope can be! Stay positive in your outlook. Be strong and courageous and be ready to fight for your life! Whether through a coaching session, reading my book, ”Praying for a Miracle When It’s Hopeless,” or browsing my inspirational resources, you’ll find the strength to help you overcome the struggles, roadblocks, and challenges in your life.

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Tough days are expected, and trials will come, but it is how you handle them that sets you apart from the rest. Going through breast cancer and all that happened during that time was the fight of my life — literally! As a survivor, I want to help encourage and inform you, give you hope, and help you find the tools and resources to get you through what you’re going through.

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With over 250,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer being diagnosed each year in women and over 2,400 in men, you’re not alone (even though it may feel that way). When you schedule a coaching session or read my story, you’ll know you’re not alone in your battle! You’ll have an advocate to help answer your questions and support you on your journey.

Together, I’ll Help You
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About Isabella

Facing a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, making you feel broken, in despair, and absent of hope. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you or someone you love is facing a breast cancer diagnosis, you know how devastating it can be on multiple levels. It can make you feel like a prisoner on a death sentence. Days can seem endless, and nights can be tiresome.

All of this can make it so tough to find the hope, encouragement, and support to move forward.

I believe that everyone who has been impacted by a cancer diagnosis deserves to have someone to go to for support, encouragement, and resources to find hope and never give up!.

I understand the fear and despair that can come with the diagnosis. Going through the Stage 4 Cancer process, divorce, and fighting for custody of my son all at the same time, I realized how important it is that diagnosed women, families, and friends need to know that an advanced stage breast cancer diagnosis isn’t a death sentence.

Not only have I survived breast cancer for nearly 2 decades, but with a Master’s in Sports Psychology and another in Clinical Psychology, while pursuing a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology (with a dissertation focused on breast cancer), I have personal experience doing what I teach. I’ve helped others find hope and personally encouraged and helped dozens of people come to a place where they can empower themselves, deal with cancer, and understand that they have choices (not just medical) that they can make that will benefit them. Now I’m a mother of an adult son, an author, hope-bringer, and lover of life – and I want you to find the same joy I have found, regardless of your circumstances.

3 Simple Steps To Finding The Hope, Encouragement, And Support To Move Forward

Schedule A Coaching Session

When you schedule a Coaching Session you will get the opportunity to candidly talk about your worries and about dealing with your diagnosis without judgment. Getting through the mental battles is key.



Receive Support, Resources,
and Personal Answers To Your Questions

During our coaching sessions, you will learn to minimize self-pity, build momentum, and gain the empowerment to move forward. You will realize that you can do this by taking small steps through your journey!



Keep Fighting!

Together, we’ll help you attain victory in your mental battle as you achieve a positive and mindful outlook on life. You will realize that there are things YOU can control in your journey even when things seem uncontrollable.



IMPORTANT: Everything discussed during a coaching session is kept completely private.


Bola O.
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"Helped me through each step of this journey"

I was in a state of disbelief and had a huge sense of denial of my bilateral breast cancer diagnosis. Isabella made me feel heard, safe, and reassured that all would be well, regardless of how difficult the journey would be. Isabella has been tremendously helpful in helping me navigate through each step of this journey - from my surgeries to radiation treatments and subsequent hormone therapies. I think of her as my feisty cheerleader sister!"

~ Bola O.
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"Great example of strength"

This book is so inspiring. I really admire Isabella! Her great example of strength and faith could be applied to other difficult moments people encounter in life. I'm so glad she decided to write her own motivational story as it can help others going through their own battles. Excellent message! Never lose hope! I enjoyed reading your review, thank you!

~ Yolanda
Irene A.
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"Everything we need to know in detail about breast health"

If you are fascinated by medicine like I am, or a female concerned about her breast health you are in luck. Isabella does a fantastic job educating us about everything we need to know in detail about breast health. Isabella has a beautiful heart inside and out. She is the lucky one who survived what she did. Now she is taking what she has learned and using it to help others in need here with her support and guidance.

~ Irene A.
Dr. Bob
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"Your one chance of survival is an apparent paradox"

If you have metastasized cancer, it may well kill you. Your one chance of survival is an apparent paradox: the full-on, determined struggle to beat it, shown by Isabella in this book, combined with complete acceptance of the situation, including its likely fatal outcome, which she also shows. Even if you don’t suffer from cancer, there may be terrible problems in your life. You can gain inspiration from this book and address your problems in this incredibly effective manner.

~ Dr. Bob
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"Milan writes like a guide who knows her way"

Author Isabella Milan shares her life with her readership in a raw and honest fashion, the pure emotion of which can sometimes be hard to take. ...we go on this amazing journey through darkness and manage to find the light. Milan writes like a guide who knows her way, comforting us through the very real fears which she once faced, and counseling us on how to cope with the things which we can control and those which we cannot... [It] is a highly recommended read for anyone who has or is experiencing similar struggles.

~ K.C.

Praying for a Miracle When Its Hopeless

Have you ever received news that made you feel as if you were a prisoner sentenced to death? That was my initial feeling when I was told I had breast cancer with metastasis to my brain, that my husband wanted a divorce, and that I needed to fight for custody of my son. Suddenly, my days seemed endless and my nights were tiresome. To many, this would seem as if the days were numbered. But I held the strength to overcome this diagnosis and major life setbacks.

I was sent away to family in a wheelchair and a diaper after having metastatic brain surgery. Money was low, I found myself states away, couch surfing while on SSI, and was unsure of the next steps. The experience left me broken, in despair and absent of hope. Through prayer, hope, and the work of God, I was able to change my mindset and how I handled the situations placed before me.

Through my book, you’ll learn what helped me overcome this very rocky road: praying, strength, and survival. My hope is that you’ll come away encouraged to find your purpose, live again, and dream again. No matter what roadblocks you find in your life’s path.

Praying for a Miracle When Its Hopeless

There Is Hope In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Don’t go through this diagnosis alone, without hope, and with a victim mindset. You don’t have to stay depressed and in despair. Nobody should have to go through their remaining time feeling trapped and alone.

Schedule a coaching session with me today.

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