No! These Seniors Will Not Overshadow Me! If They Can Do It, I Can Do Too!

After getting out of the hospital, I went to a gym daily. I took every class they offered for aquatic training. All my classes were filled with seniors. They had endurance and would out-pace me all the time. I took water Tai Chi, water yoga, aqua fusion, deep water aerobics, low impact water aerobics, aqua jogging, and water relaxation and stretching. The more I went, the more they motivated me and the more endurance I found. I became one of the silver sneakers! 😊

What is Aqua Therapy? It is defined as exercises performed in water for relaxation, fitness, physical rehabilitation, and other therapeutic benefits. Aquatic therapy uses buoyancy to support your weight, reducing the pain and stress placed on specific muscles and joints and enabling greater range of motion without the fear of falling.

The viscosity of water provides a source of resistance. This resistance allows for muscle strengthening without the need for weights. Using resistance coupled with the water’s buoyancy allows a person to strengthen muscle groups with decreased joint stress. Without pressure on the joints and the support of the buoyancy, the body is free to move in ways it cannot on land.

Several studies show the positive impact aqua therapy has on breast cancer patients. A National Medical Library study supports the idea of adding aqua therapy to exercise regimens. “Our results give preliminary support to the implementation of aquatic exercise programs to promote the recovery of functional limitations following breast cancer treatment.”

If your cancer has caused a limitation in functional mobility, you may benefit from the services of a physical therapist to help you recover. You may benefit from aquatic therapy to help you return to your pre-cancer mobility and to get back to your normal activity level.

As studies suggest, not everyone is a candidate for aqua therapy. “Obviously, if you cannot swim, you should not participate in pool therapy unless your PT is aware of your lack of swimming knowledge and can provide you with full assistance 100% of the time”, cites If you have bowel or bladder incontinence, if you can’t swim, have a fever or infection you are not eligible for aqua therapy.
Although hard work was required! I enjoyed this therapy the most!

Don’t Stay Dry! Give Aqua Therapy a Try!