If you have the keys, why not use them to unlock the doors of survival! Many studies have found that social support raise breast cancer patients’ outlook and quality of life which helps improves their chances of survival. A study by Frontiers in Psychology, found that, “A lack in social support lowers patients’ quality of life to such an extent that the loss or absence of support networks from family or friends can lead to an increase of the mortality risk after the cancer diagnosis.” A study by the American Cancer Society, found that “Cancer survivors with strong emotional support tend to better adjust to the changes cancer brings, have a more positive outlook, and often report a better quality of life. Research has shown that people with cancer need support from friends.”

Research tells us what must be done to ensure our survival while battling breast cancer. It is critical for survival to have support while fighting this journey! We can open-up and let people into this journey with us. I talk with breast cancer patients/peers who are going through this journey. We cover all breast cancer questions and concerns they may have. By combining my experience of being an 18-year breast cancer stage IV survivor and my training in psychology, I am empathetic and inspired by counseling people through the breast cancer fight by providing compassionate, positive support. I want this for you! There are a multitude of places you can find support. Please take a glance at this list to find other means of support.

Where to find support:

  • Family, Oncologist
  • Pastor, Church Friends, Church Support Groups
  • Friends, other Breast Cancer Support Groups

Surround yourself with supportive people!

Survival is Everything! Use Your KEYS!