Cancer Has Taken So Much From You. Get Something Back!

According to, there are several programs for cancer survivors to take advantage of. See the list below and ctrl + click on image link to get more information.


Free Grants for Patients & Families

Grants are money and goods that do not have to be paid back and are provided by the agencies below to help ease the burden of a cancer diagnosis. Grants typically range from $200 to $5000.


Free Scholarships for Cancer Survivors

If you or someone you know has had cancer and wants to go back to school, please look at the scholarship programs. Scholarships can be used for books, supplies and tuition and are available to help


Free Vacations & Day Trips

For cancer patients and their families, time away from doctor appointments, therapy and the every-day stresses of life are so important.

Special Wishes for Patients & Families

These agencies grant wishes to those facing serious, life-threatening illness. From fully coordinated weddings to attending special sporting events, wishes are personalized to best make a dream come true.

Free Transportation & Housing

The agencies provide treatment transportation services and housing for those who need cancer care away from home. Both air and ground travel services are available.

Free Medical Equipment

In this section, you will discover agencies that offer free medical equipment and prosthetics to help ease the life of a cancer patient. Supplies and equipment include everything from mobility equipment to lymphedema

Free Food, Fitness & Nutrition

Free food and exercise programs to help you live your very best life! From nutritional supplements to yoga, these agencies are focused on your health and wellbeing and offer many programs to inspire healthier lifestyles.

Free Hats, Wigs & Scarves

Free wigs, wraps, and hats for patients who experience hair loss due to cancer treatments.

Free Care Packages

Care packages are gifts from the heart! Typically, from one cancer patient to another, these care packages are thoughtfully put together and let us all know we’re not alone in this journey.

Free Books, Magazines & Organizers

Free subscriptions to cancer journals, books, and magazines as well as books to read just for fun.

Free Photography

These professional photographers generously donate their time and skills to capture precious memories for families dealing with cancer. These companies have a national network of professional photographers


Free Apps

A cancer diagnosis can turn worlds upside down. Schedules can be challenging to say the least, and keeping track of care, imaging, and lab results can be a full-time job. 

Free Financial Help for Cancer Patients

Cancer can take a toll both emotionally and financially. The last thing a cancer patient needs is the added stress that comes with the financial burdens related to cancer care. These governmental and nonprofit agencies help cancer patients and families struggling with a broad range of financial issues.  All assistance is free of charge and available nationwide.
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