I Don’t Recognize ME Anymore!

This post is about the start of your restoration. The impact of breast cancer on your body not only affects you mentally, but also physically. Enduring the scarring from surgeries, the hair loss from chemo, and other physical side effects from treatment and procedures can have a great impact on self-esteem. You forget the person you once were. Giving a little of your “normal” back can give you a boost when you really need it. Getting a makeover or trying new make-up ideas to inspire you to keep moving is our first task. Your cancer journey will last forever, but it’s time to start living again! Giving what you deserve to help you recoup and realize your beautiful in and out, in case you forgot. How you look is part of your identity. During your cancer battle you experienced loss. Although your life was saved, it is understandable to still mourn the loss.

Since my breast cancer metastasized to my cerebellum (rear brain), I loss my ability to write (fine motor skills), balance, and walk (gross motor skills). I mourn those losses. I’m just thankful that I am here, progressing physically every day. I survived this journey to be able to share my experiences!

There are many programs that give resources for restoring your appearance. Below are some I found.
American Cancer Society Provides Links To Hairstylists, Wig Experts, Makeup Artists and Other Cosmetic Professionals
EBeauty Provides Free Wigs for Breast Cancer Patients
Breast Cancer Now Provides Wigs, Makeup, and Skin Care Virtual Tutorials
American Cancer Society How to Look Your Best During
Cancer Treatment
Heart Region
Brave Beauty Classes Info. Sephora’s Brave Beauty Classes Skin Care & Make-up
Livestrong Living After Cancer Treatment Brochure Offers A Brochure With Resources Physical, Emotional, and Daily Concerns for Breast Cancer Patients

Many television shows and stylists provide free make-up and makeovers
during the month of October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Look Fabulous & Feel Good!