Special mastectomy clothing that accommodates your drains are vital! The clothing must be comfortable, take in account your mobility needs, and offer options that you find attractive. Choose loose and large tops that button up the front. Use safety pins to attach your drains and lines to your clothing. There are also aids that many women found helpful after receiving mastectomy surgery.

This list includes items that can be found online at multiple stores.

  • Drain lanyard for shower You will need this lanyard to ensure that you can shower with less worry about the pull on your stiches when the drains dangle.
  • Mastectomy pillowThis pillow goes underneath the arms and over the breast area to protect your new incision(s) and will make you feel more secure when hugging people.
  • Shower seatYou will be weak after surgery. Having the shower seat will be helpful. You can just relax and sit in the shower
  • Detachable shower headAfter a few days rehabbing, removing the showerhead to wash yourself will help you regain some of your independence
  • Front closure bra with wide compressionA compression bra is necessary, as it helps to reduce swelling after surgery. It can become very snug, so follow your surgeon’s instructions for it.
  • Wedge pillow A wedge pillow will make propping up on the couch or in bed simpler.
  • Mastectomy drain jacket This is a jacket with inside pockets designed to hide your drains and is widely available on-line. The less costly version is to use large safety pins to attach the drain lines to the inside of zip-up cotton jackets.

Prevent lifting your arms and be kind to yourself. You have been through a life-changing surgery. Try to relax, rest, and let your body heal. You can and will address all the emotional factors later. Accept where you are. Think positive thoughts. Breathe! Relax!