With all the pain, comfort is key to feeling “back to normal.” Before these procedures are scheduled, it is necessary to have the most comfortable undergarments for after surgery. You have received a diagnosis with very traumatic news. It’s probably inconceivable to wrap your head around your diagnosis. But to be expected to schedule your mastectomy surgery is a far leap from where you are emotionally. However, you must continue to move forward despite the emotional hardships. Anticipate your needs before your surgeries to have an easier transition into rehabilitation. You probably never thought bras would be an issue. However, you will need a different type of bra after this surgery. Today we will discuss mastectomy bras.

Mastectomy bras differ from “normal” bras by the inclusion of pockets. Pockets are added to the bra to provide a place for a breast prosthesis or a breast form matching your natural breast shape. There are several different styles of mastectomy bras. Common characteristics include:

Pink bra graphic with a ribbon that says Cure
  • The Straps
    The straps on a mastectomy bra are fully adjustable and wider than those on a standard bra. Many also feature padded straps for complete comfort
  • The Under band (the band that goes under the cups and round your back)
    The wide under band is an important feature of a mastectomy bra. They help the bra to stay in place and are often wider than on a standard bra
  • The Seams
    Mastectomy bras are designed to be soft, comfortable, as secure as possible. Supportive side seams help with this.

Bra characteristics surgery list:

  • Cup Separation
    • The center of the bra should sit flat and be flush on your chest separating the cups
  • Full Cups
  • No underwiring
  • Minimal Detailing
  • Deep font and side panels

After your mastectomy you will need special mastectomy clothing that accommodates your drains. The clothing must be comfortable, take in account your mobility needs, and offer options that you find attractive. There are also aids that many women find helpful after receiving mastectomy surgery.

Here is the list:

  • Comfortable pajamas
  • Chair or recliner for sleeping
  • Button-up shirts with pockets for drains
  • Pen and notebook for journaling, tracking medication times, and questions for the doctor
  • Dry shampoo
  • Cleansing or shower wipes