I didn’t realize I put me last until my battle with cancer!

When going through any stage of cancer you must take time for yourself. Time for grieving. Time for mentally adjusting to your new normal. Time for healing from your procedures.

During my cancer journey I discovered how overwhelmed I had become in investing into my nuclear family. I viewed this time off as a break. Going through cancer treatment is no vacation which I quickly learned. I employed self-care activities to give back to me!

It is vital that you take “me-time.” This will help save your energy for the battle ahead. What is self-care? Activeminds.com describe self-care as- “doing things to take care of our minds, bodies, and souls by engaging in activities that promote well-being and reduce stress. Doing so enhances our ability to live fully, vibrantly, and effectively.” Healthier living makes us feel less sickly and empowered to complete small tasks of self-care to improve our health. Give yourself some self-love to improve your positivity, energy, and overall well-being.

Employ these tips

Plan a Staycation. This is a vacation spent at home or nearby.

Schedule a Day Get-Away.

Prepare a Home Picnic with blankets, cushions, a makeshift table, cups with lids, picnic-friendly food, and music.

Pamper yourself!

Other examples of Self-Care are:

  • Learn to create boundaries
  • Exercise – Go for a walk
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Read
  • Cook or bake
  • Watch a movie
  • Get a massage
  • Listen to music
  • Make art
  • Learn to avoid procrastination
  • Take a luxurious bath

Activities are an ideal way for us to distract ourselves from our current emotions until we are better able to cope. When our emotional state is at peak levels, we need ways to reduce anxiety. Some suggestions may seem like self-care activities. But distraction activities provide ways to shift our minds away from negative thoughts.


  • Call a friend (and don’t talk about what’s causing you distress)
  • Do a puzzle
  • Do something kind for someone else
  • Go out to eat
  • Go to an event
  • Hold ice
  • Listen to music
  • Make a list of things (cars, dog breeds, music artists, etc.)
  • Take a hot or cold shower
  • Try something new
  • Volunteer
  • Watch something funny

Put Self-Care and Your Mental Well-Being First!

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