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What to Expect

Having a cancer diagnosis can be debilitating.  I went through difficult and challenging stages while learning techniques that helped me cope with this deadly disease mentally and physically. I want to give you resources that will help you through your journey.

By empowering you with an array coping options, you can find hope in your breast cancer journey and stay positive by knowing that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence.

What is a coaching session?

“Coaching Session” sounds so formal.  It’s basically just a discussion.  It’s a safe and private environment where you can truthfully talk about your worries and fears.  It’s a place to express yourself freely with no judgment.

What happens in a coaching session?

During your coaching session(s), you will learn ways to transform your outlook about this journey that you are on.  Our goal is for you to get to a mindfully positive stage of life by breaking through your fears and negative beliefs. We may discuss things such as:

A coaching session is very individualized.  While there are common elements for every person going through this situation, some of what we will talk about and do will be based on your needs and where you are at in your thinking.  Here are some of the types of things that we often do during coaching sessions.

  • Develop the skill to identify negative thought patterns and use tools to reframe those beliefs that can become a self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • Provide relaxation and stress-reduction techniques.
  • Work on techniques that help reduce anxiety.
  • Confront fears
  • Learn to manage pain